Announcing WpWidgetLibrary – HTML Widgets for Windows Phone

WpWidgetLibrary - HTML Widgets for Windows Phone

-Do you want to implement apps for cross-browser support?
-Do you want to have HTML5 Widget App which can be published through Windows Phone Marketplace, with ability to be updatable?
-Do you want to develop hybrid app in Windwos Phone 7?

Is so and if you are Windows Phone developer this is the right project for you.

Daenet team is proud to announce the first version of the WpWidgetLibrary – HTML Widget for Windows Phone – library for building HTML5 apps on Windows Phone mango.  The latest update for WP 7 enables the usage of HTML5 content via the Marketplace. These Applications always need to be hosted on a webserver so they are not useable offline. Even for Microsoft itself this issue was a problem without solution. With this library you can build HTML 5 Widgets app as a native WP7 app, which you can publish on the windows phone  marketplace and  easily make update for the app. Widgets for WP also tries to solve problems of running HTML page in offline mode on  Windows Phone. Library works so that on the first time installs the HTML5 content in isolated storage by simulating the real hard disk, and paths of the HTML pages, scripts, images etc.

With Widget library you can build cross –platform jQueryMobile HTML5 apps for Windows Phone, and other kind of HTML mobile apps.

More info about this open source project can be found on codeplex site

Inspiration about this library and problems handling HTML5 apps in WP7 you can read on Damir’s blog series HTML5 for Windows Phone 7.1+ – Episode I : HTML5 Support and HTML5 for Windows Phone 7.1+ – Episode II : Browsing HTML content.

Feel free to contact us for any problems you may have, or send us feedback about the library.


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