Citations of GPdotNET

Recently I have googled about GPdotNET to find out how people use GPdotNET. I was surprised that there are plenty of sites which are published GPdotNET as freeware software. I have also found several scientific papers which citated GPdotNT as well. Some other people used it as elegant example in their  lessons. Some students used GPdotNET in seminars and diploma works, master and phd thesis.

All in all I was very excited about it. So lets list some interested web sites and scientific paper which mentioned GPdotNET.

1.  Softpedia 

2. StackOverflow : 

3.  Genetic Programming article:  

4.  Teaching lessons from  Faculty of Informatics, Burapha University, Thailand:  

5.  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Paper Work: s.

6. Scientific paper, ACS Vol.14:  

7. Scientific paper, JPE Vol.15: 

8. Scientific paper, Thermophysics 2012: .

9. Scientific paper,  : 

10. Scientific paper, :

11. Scientific paper, IJMECH Vol.3, :

12. Scientific paper, SLAAI Jornal:


Announcing GPdotNET v3.0 Beta 2

During summer I found few bugs in GPdotNET, as well as made improvements of existing features.

Before final release of GPdotNET which will be at the end of the year, I have decided to make public release in form of Beta 2 version. This is second pre-release version of GPdotNET v3, which brings a set of new modules and solvers in Linear programming field like, assignment and transportation problems.

In this version you can find some improvements and bug fixes:

1. Implemented improvements IN TFS, Asigment and Transportation problems solver,

2. Improvement in drawing S-Expression in GP model,

3. Bug fix when user defined more that 10 random constants,

4. Bug in background when saving S-expression as png file.

5. Tested compatibility with Visual Studio 2013.


The beta 2 version will be available for download today at . For those who have click one installation of the beta 1 version, they will be get update automatically from codeplex site.